Once you reach to the childbearing age, you start suffering with pregnancy worries. You will be afraid of accidently getting pregnant so you start counting your fertility period and using birth controls.

Then you start worrying about your reproductive health and capability of getting pregnant. So you start asking about the best time, ways and diet to get pregnant. And if you failed to conceive, you start worrying about infertility of your partner and yours.

When you know that you and your partner are healthy, you start worrying about pregnancy signs and symptoms, and you go through pregnancy tests.

When you get pregnant, your fears of pregnancy complications and miscarriage increase. Therefore, you go through prenatal tests to know how healthy you and your baby are.

You start asking the “What-if” questions:

What if exercise or sex hurt the baby?

What if cocktail or other beverages cause child defection?


Don’t worry. Every question has an answer.

Pregnancy is difficult, but you know what …

You will become a child again

What!!! How?

You will always have someone to tell you what to do.

And each one with different opinion.

Until you reach a point

You will eat nothing and see no one.

I got pregnant twice. The first was hilarious but ended up delivering a well-developed baby.

The second wasn’t hard but ended up with miscarriage.

Let me share with you my experience.

Checkout the answers that suit you.