Weird Facts and Odd Symptoms of Having Twins

Are you wishing to have twins from your first pregnancy? Do you wonder if you can Carry more than one baby? Are you looking forward to know if you have twins or not? Is expecting a twin is one of your pregnancy worries? Do you know the difference between singleton, twin, triplet and quadruplet pregnancy? Read about the symptoms of having twins, to know how to deal with this issue at your early stages of pregnancy.

1- Excessive Morning Sickness

When you have exaggerated earliest signs of pregnancy and extreme nausea, bloating, breast aches and other morning sickness symptoms, then this might be a one of the symptoms of having twins. This is due to the Increased levels of the hormone hCG and the protein molecule alpha-fetoprotein in your body.

2- Weight Gain

Gaining too much weight quickly, during your 1st trimester pregnancy, can help you believe your doubts about having a twin. This is due to having multiple babies, multiple placentas and more amniotic fluid. Watch your caloric intake because you need more calories for twin pregnancy.

3- High Heart Rate

Elevated heartbeats during pregnancy is normal but significant high heart rates, can be a symptom of expecting a twin. This is due to the fatigue of your body carrying more than one  baby.

4- Frequent Fetal Movements

Feeling early and frequent movements and kicks, can’t be only from only one baby. Most of the time this takes place when you are pregnant with multiple of babies.

5- Extra Expansion in the Uterus

When your uterus gets larger than expected, then this might be another sign of having a twin. Your doctor is the one who can detect that.

6- Family History

A twin pregnancy can be heredity related. Check your parents history. If you have twins in the family then you have a chance of expecting a twin, even if you had an unplanned pregnancy.

7- Prior Pregnancy

If this is not your first pregnancy, you have a chance of having a twin. This is especially true if you already have a set of multiples.

8- Age

When you reach 30, your hormones start to fluctuate more as you get older. It is true that your chances of getting pregnant decreases because you don’t know when do you ovulate and you may need fertility boosters to get You pregnant, but the good news is that you may ovulate two follicles at the same time.

9- Race

If you are African or of African roots, you have a chance of conceiving twins for than any other woman of different roots. Because in nature the Africans (males and females) are more fertile.

10- Spotting

You may notice little blood spots without cramps and clots, if you are having a twin. As long as you don’t actively bleed and feel pain, then there will be nothing to worry about.

11- Assisted Reproductive Technologies

If you received fertility treatments, such as In vitro fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant, then you have 25 percent chance of carrying a twin. This is due stimulating the ovaries with hormones to release more eggs.

12- Ultrasound Confirmation

The best and accurate way of knowing if you are having a twin, is via ultrasound. Where the doctor can see more than one embryo and later hear multiple heartbeats.

Always remember:

1- Each pregnancy is unique. Wether you are carrying one baby or more; expecting a normal or abnormal baby (trisomy 21); or having a normal or ectopic pregnancy symptoms vary.

2- Sever morning sickness, fatigue, acid reflux symptoms and heartburn during pregnancy, not always mean twin pregnancy. In all cases read about morning sickness remedies and heartburn relief and set an appointment with your doctor.

3- Carrying a twin is a blessing but it can also carry greater risks than singleton pregnancies. That is why you need more monitoring and scanning.

4- If you have twin pregnancy, you may need extra folic acid and iron. Because you are at higher risk of folic acid deficiency, iron deficiency anemia or Postpartum hemorrhage (bleeding).

5- The risk of miscarriage or spontaneous abortion of twin, triplet and quadruplet pregnancy is higher than singleton pregnancy.

6- Risk of developing gestational diabetes is higher in twin pregnancies. This may cause having a big baby which may require a c-section.

7- Risk of having high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and sometimes swelling in the feet, legs, and hands (preeclampsia), is high when you are carrying more than one baby.

8- You may deliver your babies earlier than woman with a single baby. If you delivered before 36 weeks, your babies might be at higher risk of respiratory issues.


Twins have always fascinated the world especially women. About one of every 250 births is a set of identical or fraternal twins. As you know that your are pregnant through the homemade pregnancy test, the first thing you think about is detecting twin pregnancy and finding out the risks of such pregnancy. There are several symptoms of having a twin and several risks to protect yourself from. Moreover, there are several articles that can help you going through, such as what to eat during pregnancy for intelligent baby and how to fall asleep instantly.

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