6 Powerful Habits and Great Natural Ways of Dos and Don’ts for Heartburn Relief during Pregnancy

Are you among the pregnant women who suffer from pregnancy complications? Do you have puzzling questions about heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux? Checkout the six powerful habits and great Natural ways of dos and don’ts for heartburn relief during pregnancy.


What causes heartburn during pregnancy?

1-Progesterone: The hormone progesterone increases in secretion during pregnancy, due to this process the valve at the top of your stomach relaxes and loosens, this makes it easier for stomach acid to surge up and enter the esophagus, which can cause a burning sensation.

2-Uterus: As the uterus grows during pregnancy as it increases pressure on the stomach that causes acid reflux.

3-Baby Position: When the baby settles in a position where his head presses up under your diaphragm, against the stomach, it causes stomach fire with contestant pain.

4-Pregnancy with twins: When expecting twins, you experience several complications one of them heartburn, first because of your twins pressure on your stomach pushing stomach acids upward into your esophagus and second your hormonal changes relax the valve of the stomach causing the burning sensation.

5-Pregnancy with very big baby: Huge baby weighting 4.5kg and more causes much pressure on the stomach which makes not only heartburn worse but also delivery tough.

6-Pregnancy with a baby of thick hair: The wives’ tale that says that pregnant women with baby of thick hair suffer from heartburn, was proved to be true, by researches who made a study on several pregnant women.


How dangerous is the heartburn?

Heartburn during pregnancy is not dangerous and doesn’t cause miscarriage. It may make you lose your appetite and sometimes may make your morning sickness worse but there are several helpful morning sickness remedies.


Are there natural ways for heartburn relief during pregnancy?

There are numerous natural ways that you can do every day as habits to halt heartburn, such as:

Eating Dos and Don’ts:



  • Don’t eat foods that trigger heartburn
  • Don’t eat before 3 hours of bedtime
  • Don’t eat hot food
  • Don’t lie down right after eating, even during the day (you can sit or stand)
  • Don’t take juicy or liquid food (soup) as dinner even if it was hours before bedtime (the food will turn into acid and liquids will easily reach your esophagus)
  • Don’t be afraid to eat during the burning sensation because the extra acids digest the additional amount of food

Drinking Dos and Don’ts:


  • Drink 8 cups of water per day
  • Drink a lot of water and juices to stay hydrated
  • Drink water on an empty stomach
  • Drink water between meals
  • Drink (not too-hot) green tea (it helps digestion)
  • Drink milk unless you don’t have Lactose Intolerance (it covers the esophageal lining which relieves you from the burning sensation)


  • Don’t drink great amount of water quickly (always sip)
  • Don’t drink much before bed time
  • Don’t drink while eating (it will dilute your digestive juices)
  • Don’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine
  • Don’t drink soft drinks
  • Don’t drink too-hot drinks

These ways of eating and drinking are stomach-friendly and they protect you from suffocation and satiation that may sometimes lead to vomiting.

Sleeping Dos and Don’ts:.


  • Sleep with your head and upper chest higher than your body
  • Put pillows under your head to avoid acid from reaching your esophagus during night

In case of back pain put something under your mattress, where your upper part of your body lies, almost the same as the hospital bed


  • Don’t sleep in a position where your body is straight.
  • Don’t sit or lie in a position where your head and upper chest are lower than your body.

This will be annoying at first and may prevent you from sleeping but then it will become a habit.

In addition to the above, you need to change your bad habits such as:

Stop Alcohol: Stop drinking alcohol and all kind of such drinks even beer and wine. There is no safe amount of alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t only affect the development of your baby growth but also cause esophagus damage and stomach lining inflammation.

Wear Loose Tight Clothes: Tight pressure against your stomach causes acid to go back into your esophagus, resulting in heartburn. Therefore wearing loose and fitting clothes are comfortable for you and your body.

Quit Smoking: Nicotine/tobacco relaxes the stomach lining where acid can trickle up and cause burning sensation. Moreover smoking causes your mouth to make less saliva, which also leads to heartburn. Not to add the risks of smoking during pregnancy where the chemicals in the cigarette smoke pass to the developing baby through the umbilical cord and affect the baby’s lungs, increasing baby’s asthma risks.

Take antacids: Magnesium hydroxide/aluminum hydroxide are antacids that control the acid levels in your stomach and coat the surface of your esophagus, preventing the burning sensation. you can find them at pharmacies but be careful it is risky to take too many of them.

Avoid Anxiety: Anxiety not only affects your baby but also your body health and stomach. When you get angry or stressed the average of acid production increases, resulting heartburn which is very irritating.

These ways should become your life time habit not only if you are pregnant or on diet but also if you want to stay and live healthy. Moreover, In case heartburn was sever ask your doctor about suitable medications.




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