Replace Invalid Pregnancy Test by reliable homemade pregnancy test guidelines

Do you have the feeling that you are pregnant? Are you experiencing most of the earliest signs of pregnancy? Are you financially unable to use commercial pregnancy kits? Have you bought a pregnancy test and failed to show a clear result? Then why don’t you try a reliable homemade pregnancy test guidelines, using simple items found in your house?

Let us start answering the following questions:

1- Have you been using contraceptives to avoid unplanned pregnancy?

2-Did you have a sexual intercourse in fertile days?

3- Have you noticed a higher temperature for the last two weeks?

4- Are your breasts sore or tender?

5- Are you feeling dizziness or nausea and looking for  morning sickness remedies ?

6- Are you feeling pain in your lower abdomen?

7- Are you experiencing some mood swings?

8- Are you being so tired lately?

9- Are you experiencing unusual food cravings?

10- Are you urinating more frequently?

11- Are you having a cold or flu?

12- Are you feeling more lazy and sleepy?

13- Are you experiencing acid reflux symptoms and seeking a heartburn relief?

If your answer was “yes” to most or all of the above questions, then you have a high probability that you are pregnant. If not then let us check another pregnancy tests.

The HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is the hormone that you produce during pregnancy in your blood as well as in your urine. You can detect it directly after implantation. In our case most of the mentioned tests confirm pregnancy by examining the presence of HCG level in the body.

1-Blood Test: is the most accurate test that can give 100% result at the very early stages of pregnancy and even before pregnancy symptoms. (7 days after pregnancy)

2-Lab urine test: is a medical check-up, it costs less than the blood test and gives up to %100 accurate result, but it can’t be done as early as blood test. (10 days after pregnancy)

Both tests (blood and urine tests are medical check-ups that should be done in the laboratory. They can’t be done frequently, first, because they need prescription and second, because they cost much.

3-Commercial Pregnancy Tests: are home pregnancy tests that can be bought from any pharmacy. They are scientifically proven to give you result within seconds (14 days after pregnancy). Some of the tests might fail due to their low of sensitivity to detect the HCG hormone.

The following homemade pregnancy tests can help you detect your pregnancy, whether you are financially unable to buy a commercial pregnancy test, or you bought one but you had an invalid pregnancy test (none of the lines appeared) and thinking this might be a negative indication.

1-Dandelion Leaves
-Collect some dandelion leaves from a plant’s stem.
-Put them in a container.
-Make sure they are not directly facing the sunlight.
-Urinate on the leaves until they are completely soaked.
-Check on them every 10 minutes.
Result: If you find red bumps or reddish blisters on the leaves, then the result is positive.

2-Pine Sol
-Put a sample of pine sol in a container.
-Add a sample of your urine.
-Wait for 10 minutes.
Result: If any variation in color occurs, or the liquid becomes fizzy and frothy, then this is supposed to indicate pregnancy.

3- Bleach
-Put bleach in a container.
-Add a fresh urine in the cup. (No need to wait)
Result: If the mixture turnes fizzy, frothy, or starts bubbling, then this is a positive indication.

4-tooth paste test
-Get a white paste and a plate or a cup.
-Mix a spoon of white paste and some urine.
Result: If the paste turnes blue and frothy, then it is positive.

5-Vinegar Solution
-Put vinegar in a cup.
-Mix the ingredient with a sample of your urine.
-Ignore the bubbles that become out of the mixture.
Result: If the color of the mixture changes, then you are pregnant.

Note: If you are taking certain kinds of antibiotics, the test may be unable to give a definitive color change.

6-Soap Water
– Get any piece of a soap.
-Put water on the soap.
-Get the soap lather solution.
-Add a sample of your urine to the soap.
Result: If froth forms, or soap bubbles up, then the test is positive.

7-Sugar Test
-Put 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl.
-Urinate on the sugar.
Result: If the sugar didn’t dissolve and clumps appeared, then the result is positive. But if it dissolved then the result is negative.

8-Mustard Powder
-Fill a bathtub with hot water.
-Add two cups of fresh mustard seed powder to it.
-Soak your body in the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.
-Shower your body with plain water.
-Wait till the next day (you can wait maximum 6 days).
Result: If you had your period, then you period was late. But if there was no sign of a bloody discharge, then you might be pregnant.

9-Tune Juice and Vinegar
-Mix ¼ cup of tuna juice and ¼ cup of vinegar in a plastic cup.
-Leave overnight.
-At the morning, pee in a separate cup and then add your urine to this mixture.
-Wait few minutes.
Result: If the color changes to green, then you are pregnant. If the color changes to yellowish-orange, then you are not.

10-Urine Itself
-Collect your urine in a bottle or jar.
-Put the bottle on a flat surface for 24 hours.
Result: If you see a thin white layer on the top of the urine, then this indicates you are pregnant, but if there are no changes, you are not.


This test is easier than the salt test.
-Get 1 cup of Chlorine (ex. Clorox).
-Get ½ cup of your morning fresh urine.
-Mix them together at once.
Result: If an excessive foam forms and started decreasing slowly, then this indicates pregnancy. But if a moderate foam, same as that of soft drinks, forms and started decreasing quickly, then this indicates non-pregnancy.

12-Pregnancy Test with Peroxide and Tylenol Mix
-Collect your urine in a cup.
-Add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.
-Couple of tablets of Tylenol.
-Make sure that the peroxide and Tylenol are of equal portion.
Result: If the liquid turns blue, then it is a positive result.


13- Abdomen Test
This test is scientifically proved, but needs a lot of concentration.
-Place your both hands, on your abdomen, on both sides the right and the left. (the right hand at the right side of the abdomen and the left hand at the left.)
– Sense the sides
Result: If you sense that one side is swollen more than the other side (one side a little bit higher than the other side, then you might be pregnant. But if both sides are the same then you might not.

The fact behind this test is that the fertilized egg gets implanted in one of the sides, either the left or right side of the uterus depending on the place it was placed before fertilization. If it was placed at the right then the implantation will take place at the right and vice versa.

14- Salt
-Get ½ cup of crude salt.
-Add a sample of your concentrated urine.
Result: If the salt interacts with urine forming a foam, then the result is positive. But if there were no reaction then the result is negative.

15-Eye Test
Some doctors assume that this test can be one of the pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy can be detected, through the eye, after 3 to 5 weeks of pregnancy. All you have to do is to look at the sclera of your eyes, if you found visible red veins than usual, you are pregnant.

This test result is the same as the breast pregnancy symptom, where veins become visible on breast during pregnancy.


16-Wheat & Barley
-Get two containers.
-Put cotton in each.
-Plant wheat in the first and barley seeds in the second.
-Keep adding urine for several days as if you are planting by water.
Result: If one of the wheat or barley germinates, then the result is positive.

This pregnancy test is the oldest, it has been used in 1350 B.C. to check for pregnancy and gender. If the wheat grew then you might have a girl but if the barley grew then you might have a boy.

This experiment was done by American laboratories in 1963, and the result showed 70% of correct results. They had concluded that the urine of the pregnant women germinates while the urine of men and non-pregnant women doesn’t.

17-Gender Predictors
There are additional homemade pregnancy tests that can be helpful as the red cabbage and baking soda. You can read about them throughthe most accurate gender predictor” article.

Always Remember

For you to have an accurate result, you need to keep several things in mind.

1-You need to wait until the very first day of your missed period to be able to perform a test.

2-You need to take your first morning urine sample, on an empty stomach.

3-You should use a clean and sterile jar or a test container, if available.

4-You can preserve a sample of first urine in the morning in a sealable container and use it later.

5-These tests are not scientifically proved, but are able to give you correct result, in case you used at the right time with the right proportion of ingredients.

6-Be very careful while using products like bleach as its smell may damage your lungs. Preferable to do this method outdoors as opposed to your bathroom.

7-Whichever method you wish to use, always put your sample and tester on a flat surface.

8-Dispose off any plastic container, needle, spoon or anything that you may have used while doing the test.

9-The disadvantage that you might find in some methods is that there are no guidelines on the amount of urine that one has to use for the test (bleach test). Besides, there is no defined time limit (toothpaste test).

10-The results may face different form of subjectivity. If you are eager to become a mother you might notice change in color, whereas if you weren’t then you might believe to see the result in different light.

11-After using these methods and getting the positive result, it is advisable to go check a gynecologist, who is the only one who can give you 100% result through medical tests (urine and blood test) and ultrasound.

12-After making sure that you are pregnant, check what to eat during pregnancy for intelligent baby and beautiful child; and make sure you don’t have folic acid deficiency.

13-A negative indication doesn’t always mean failed pregnancy. It might be because of late implantation or low in HCG Hormone amount in the urine.

14-In case all the medical tests showed a negative indication, you can read about fertility boosters.


These homemade pregnancy test guidelines are cheap and easily available. They can help you know about your pregnancy at home without following any complicated procedures. They show the result based on the interaction between the urine and the ingredient. But at the same time those homemade pregnancy tests do not provide accurate results in the earliest stages of pregnancy as the blood test does.

Are you still not sure if you are expecting or not?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you get a false positive on the sugar its been about two weeks since i had sex and the sugar with my urian clumped up but i took a store bought rest and it was negative.


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