Find out what is the Most Accurate Gender Predictor

When you get informed about your pregnancy you get thrilled to know about your baby’s gender and you start to look for the most accurate gender predictor to find out what exactly is the gender of your baby. You either resort to the urine tests or wives tales for 100% result.

Unfortunately sometimes the gender predictors that test urine fail to give you the exact gender because the test results differ upon the range of pH in urine. Such tests are as follows:

·         Red Cabbage Test:

1.       Get a red cabbage and cut into pieces.

2.      Put the pieces in boiling water wait 10 minutes until the water turns into a deep purple color.

3.      Strain out the cabbage pieces and keep the water to cool completely.

Use a urine test cup (make sure the urine cup is clean and dry)

4.      Urinate your early morning urine (don’t collect the first part of urine that comes out).

5.      Put the cup in the light to be able to differentiate colors.

6.      In case the color turned to light reddish pink it is a boy but if


it turned to dark blue/purple then it is a girl.

·         Urine Color Test: If the urine looks pale in color then it is a boy if it is dark then it is a girl.

·         Baking Soda Test: Mix your urine with two tablespoons of baking soda. If it fizzles like soda then it is a boy but if it stays flat it is a girl.

·         Drano Test: Combine a tablespoon of Drano and urine together. If the mixture turns green then it’s a girl but if it turns blue then it’s a boy.

The probability of having correct gender prediction through any urine test (even those unmentioned in this post) is only 50 percent. (50% boy 50% girl) which is nonsense.

We always hear from our mother and grandmother about tales and legends that predict gender but most of them are illogical.

·         Chinese Gender Predictor: Check your Age with the month of conception to check out if it shows a boy or a girl with this Chinese chart. Some women’s body naturally kills male sperms and keeps female sperms. In this case we can no more be able to detect the gender through the mother’s age or time of conception.

·         Morning sickness: If you experience morning sickness (nausea) at morning during the first trimester only, then it is a girl but if you experience morning sickness during the day and during your nine months then it is a boy. Morning sickness doesn’t depend on the gender of the baby but on the body sensitivity of each woman’s body.

·         Dreams Gender Predictor: Dreams are the reflection of your subconscious and desires. If you see a boy or a girl this means that you are over thinking about. But that doesn’t mean that what you dream of is what you have.

·         Your Wedding Ring: Tie a string around your wedding ring and hold it over your belly. If the ring moves in circles then it’s a boy but if it moves from side to side then it’s a girl. Nobody knows the truth behind this tale because some tell it in the other way which makes circular moves for girl and sides for boy.

·         Which side is Heavier: If you sit on your left side and feel something heavier than what you feel at the right side then you have a girl but if you feel heavier at the right side than it is a boy. Some women feel both sides heavy.

·         Breast Test: If the areola (the area surrounding your nipple is dark then you have a boy but if it is rosy then it is a girl. Most women experience darker areola during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and increase in melanin and not due to baby’s gender.

·         Salt Test: If someone throws on your head salt without you noticing it or being informed about your reaction predicts the baby gender. If your response appears to be scratching your head then it is a girl but if it appears to be scratching your nose then it is a boy. Some women response was neither.

·         Belly Shape: If your belly appears high with egg shape then it is a girl but if it appears low with circular shape then it is a boy. This appears during the last trimester and it can’t always be detected.

·         Body Shape: If during pregnancy you gain weight at your buttocks then it is a girl but if you gain weight at your belly area then it is a boy. Some women gain weight in their breasts.

·         Craving: If you crave for salty and sour food then it is a boy but if you crave for sweet and fruity food then it is a girl. Some women crave for soap and others for cigarette ashes.

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·         Feet temperature and Color: If the feet look reddish and hot then it is a girl but if they look pale and cooler than normal it is a boy. Some women get red-hot feet when carrying a boy.

·         Kicks: If the kicks are numerous and strong at the right side of the belly then it is a boy but if they are few and soft at the left side of the belly then it is a girl. Some women felt numerous strong kicks at the bottom side of the belly and turned to be a girl.

·         Nails: If the nails get stronger and healthier then it is a girl if they become fragile it is a boy. Fingernails health depends on the food and vitamin consumed by the mother and not on the gender.

·         Nose: If the nose gets larger, then it is a boy but if it stays the same then it is a girl. There is no such thing gaining and losing weight can change the shape of the face and can thus create the illusion of a difference. Having a boy or a girl will not change the size or appearance of the nose.

·         Mother’s Beauty: If the mother loses her beauty then it is a girl but if she maintains her beauty then it is a boy. Stress and anxiety cause skin problems and this damages beauty. Women with bad skin habits lose their beauty regardless of what they carry.

·         Heartbeats Rate: If the rate of the fetal heartbeats is 140+ then it is a girl but if it is 140 then it is a boy. Heartbeats rate can’t detect gender because they change during labor.

·         What do you think: Thinking based on emotions doesn’t always provide us with the right answer a woman might feel carrying a girl and later may change her mind upon mood swings.

Doctors don’t recommend such ways of gender predictor and they don’t even believe in such. They only consider ultrasound and they have the ability to know the baby Gender during the first trimester through the Fetus shape (the female has a clot shape while the male has a long-wise shape) and size (usually the size of the female looks smaller than that of the male). But they prefer not to say until they are 100% sure to avoid misconception. Therefor don’t get dragged with the fallacies around you. The most accurate gender predictor is the ultrasound with the help of the Doctor’s experience.



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