Find out if you are Pregnant with 12 Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? This is the first question that comes to your mind when you experience period delay. Sometimes the delay would be due to stress or some other reasons and sometimes it might be due to pregnancy. Check out the earliest signs of pregnancy other than missed period.

The following list contains the earliest signs of pregnancy that you might experience.

Morning sickness (nausea): You may feel queasy when you wake up. Usually it starts around week six of your pregnancy. But some women experience it before the fourth week. It is called morning sickness but nausea can strike at any time of the day.

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Unusual hunger: You may feel hungry more often which makes you eat more than your usual daily portion. In case you delayed your meals you will feel the pain of unusual starvation.

Mood Swings: You may have an abrupt unaccountable change of mood. You may feel like crying or laughing for no reason. You may become more emotional and go through a lot of ups and downs during the day.

Fatigue: You may get tired so easily and quickly when doing simple things without much effort. You may feel being lazy and sleepy.

Spotting: You may see some pale spots on your panties so often. You might change your panties several times a day. But be careful of those spots because they might be a sign of infection. Therefore to stay on the safe side always make sure that these spots are odorless.

Swollen and tender breast: You may feel pain in your breast and even you may experience some size changes. Your poops become so sensitive that you won’t be able to touch them and the area surrounding the nipples will get darker. Moreover you may see blue lines appearing under the breast skin this is due to the excess of blood flow.

Pain in Abdomen or Side: You may feel the same pain you usually have during PMS as period cramps but sometimes this pain might be due to your Uterus enlargement for the baby.

Smell Sensitivity: You may feel the urge to vomit in case you smelled certain orders due to the smell sensitivity. This takes place most of the time while brushing your teeth.

Dizziness or Faintness: You may get dizzy or you may faint and this is due to low blood sugar or blood pressure. That is why you should nourish yourself.

Swelling Abdomen and Bloating Stomach: You may feel that your belly is larger than normal this is due to Constipation and Bloating.

Food Craving and Aversion: You may feel unusual desire or distaste to certain type of food due to pregnancy craving and aversion.

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Frequent Urination: You may feel you want to go to the bathroom so often. This frequent urination due to the hormonal changes that cause blood to flow quickly through your kidneys which fills your bladder more often. The urination will increase by time during the latest trimesters when the baby starts to put pressure on your kidneys.

Lower Back Pain: You may feel backache and it get worse at the end of the day. There are two types of back pains, the first is of the same reasons that any woman feels which due to wrong positions while sitting or holding heavy things.

The second type which only affects pregnant women. This is due to the process where the embryo starts to infuse itself to the uterine wall during the first trimester. During the second trimester the lower back pain will decrease when the baby gets attached to the uterus and the chances of miscarriage decrease but the back pain will be back during the latest trimesters when you gain weight and the fetus grows.

Earliest signs of pregnancy differ from body to the other. But most of the signs are the same as the signs you experience during PMS. In case you had some of  the signs mentioned above you can either try home pregnancy test or resort to your doctor.




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