Crave Food Without Worrying About Weight Gain and Heartburn During Pregnancy

Are you suffering and sometimes loosing temper because of the heartburn? Are you sick of avoiding the food that you most crave because they cause heartburn? It is true that there are foods that trigger heartburn during pregnancy, but the good news is that there are also foods that fight heartburn and can be added to your diet.

What are you craving for?

Mmm… your partner to get pregnant right!

Uh! Think about something else.

This craving might cause heartburn.

What about starting with your breakfast?


Whole Grains: Eating extra-large portion out of hunger can often lead to acid reflux. Therefore, you need a meal of fiber that can help you feel full longer, cereal like bran or oatmeal, corn bread, graham crackers or pretzels and rice cakes, are the best choice to start your day with.

Honey: Honey is a remedy for heartburn as it heals any damage caused by acid reflux. This sweet golden liquid has a hidden natural and medicinal value for body and health care.

Egg: Eat egg whites or egg substitutes because they strengthen the esophageal muscles, protecting you from acid reflux.

Milk: A glass of milk relieves from the burning sensation, it is believed that milk temporary coats the stomach lining, helping discourage reflux. As well as milk is an essential nutrient for you and for your baby because of its vitamins. Avoid high fat whole-milk dairy products.

Certain Types of Cheese: Goat cheese, low-fat soy cheese are easily digested and good weight maintainers

Fat-Free Yogurt: Fat-free yogurt serves as a quick and healthy breakfast.


Soups: Fat-free or low-fat based soups are great choice to have at lunch to fight heartburn during pregnancy.

Low-Fat Recipes: Low-fat beef, extra-lean ground beef or steak, low-fat Fish and Seafood are stomach and heartburn friendly dishes.

Skinless Chicken Breast: Skinless chicken breast is a fundamental low acid diet that is easily digested.

Rice: Brown rise, basmati and wild rice reduce acidity and provide you with fast and instant energy.


Salads: Leafy greens such as parsley, basil, fennel, celery salad recipes are another good foods that don’t cause satiation. For a dominant flavouring, ginger can be the best choice not only for acid reflux symptoms but also for morning sickness remedies. Avoid high fat dressings, fried croutons onions or tomatoes with your salad because they are reflux triggers.

Toppings: You can add toppings to your salad that are great for the stomach and calm down the acidity. Such as baked potato, broccoli, carrot, cabbage and green beans.



Banana: Banana can be an efficient non-acidic nutrient for you and your baby, as it suppresses acid secretion in the stomach. Eat the fresh banana and avoid overripe ones. Don’t overeat bananas to avoid constipation.

Melon: Cantaloupe is an alkaline food that neutralizes the acid that may come creeping up your throat. It is loaded with water and fiber that are vital for your pregnancy.

Fresh Apple: Organic sweet fresh apple, is a perfect healthy and delicious low acidic snack that neutralizes excess acids and aids in digestion.

Almonds: Almond not only settles your upset stomach but also boosts your breast milk supply by its important nutrients such as calcium. Always remember to eat balanced quantity and avoid mindless eating.

Beverages: Mineral water and non-minted herbal tea, are not only good for heartburn during pregnancy but also good for you and your baby’s health. Add to this Aloe vera juice that treats any burning with acid being no exception.

Sweets: The good news is that in case you are craving for sweets you can resort to, fat-free cookies and low-fat gummy bears, jelly beans and red licorice, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The above mentioned foods not only fight heartburn during pregnancy but also make a palatable recipes for a healthy balanced diet to follow most day of the year. If you had heartburn then remember what type of food you have eaten, or what habits you have done that triggered acid reflux. And keep in mind to always consult a qualified health care professional in case of persistent discomfort.


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