10 Morning Sickness Remedies (Pregnancy Nausea and Vomiting)

What is morning sickness? What are morning sickness symptoms? When does morning sickness starts and ends? How long does morning sickness lasts? What causes morning sickness? What are the morning sickness remedies?

These are the questions that puzzle you especially if you are not aware of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

Morning sickness is nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Regardless of its name, you may experience it at any time of the day. You may be among the few women who experience morning symptoms before the fourth week of pregnancy and keep having it until birth. But usually it starts at the sixth week and ends at the end of the first trimester. This sickness differs from one body to the other. It might affect you severely, normally or might have no effect on you at all. The main reason of morning sickness is still unknown but some say because of hormone secretion, stomach sensitivity or body changes. There are several natural morning sickness remedies that stop nausea and vomiting such as:

Mint Candies: Eat mint candy the moment you feel you are going to vomit, it helps you take fresh air. Always keep mints easily reached to prevent nausea and vomiting.

Inhaling & Exhaling: Inhaling and exhaling are not a permanent remedy for nausea but they may help you avoid risks of vomiting.

Sudden Moves: Avoid sudden moves because they affect your stomach. When you are at a certain position (standing, sitting, squatting, lying, kneeling, bending or crouching give yourself time to move slowly and cautiously. Try to avoid dangerous positions such as kneeling, crouching and squatting, the pressure may lead to miscarriage.

Acidic Food: Avoid food that provoke acid. Eat toasted bread to absorb acidity because acidity triggers nausea.

Snacks: Always keep snacks (flat biscuit, pretzels, crackers or ginger snacks) closer to you to be able to eat whenever you feel queasy during the day. And especially next to bed in case you have nausea at morning.

Relaxation & Naps: I can’t ask you to avoid stress and work but I can ask you to try to make things easy on yourself and never let negative energy controls you. Also take breaks for relaxation and nap. You can also ask for help from your parents, friends or partner especially if you have other children they may provide you with big support.

Smell and Odors: Due to the odor sensitivity that you may suffer during pregnancy you have to avoid being in places or close to things of offensive smells.

Hot Food: When you are up to eat a meal try to wait a while for the food to cool because very hot food triggers nausea.

Small Portions: Eat and drink little but often. Especially the food and drinks you like. Eat small portions and stop the moment you are full.

Ice Pops: Eat ice pops that are free of cream and coloring during summer. They can be great relievers for you especially that you will be increasing water and sugar in to your body. But be careful of the flavors that contain acid such as lemon and strawberry they may cause heartburn during pregnancy. For heartburn relief during pregnancy you can eat banana Popsicle.

Due to this sickness you will lose appetite and sometimes weight at the 1st trimester. This is not a problem as long as you stay hydrated and keep food down what to eat during pregnancy. In case you are having extreme nausea then you have to ask your doctor to provide you with anti-nausea gum and medication safe for pregnancy. And don’t forget to take in to consideration that whatever vitamin or medication you are taking, you should take it with a meal and not on empty stomach to avoid not only vomiting but also stomach ache.




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